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Legacy forests are characterized by large diameter trees, complex forest canopies, standing snags, and large wood on the forest floor. These older forests store and sequester carbon and as intact ecosystems play a key role in fighting the climate crisis and preserving biodiversity.

Write to DNR Now!

Let DNR know that you are opposed to the logging of this irreplaceable legacy forest.


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Dear Ms. Griswold,


I am writing to urge you to cancel the Aldwell Sorts timber sale.  This sale would result in the logging of some of the last remaining acres of un-planted, structurally complex lowland forest on the North Olympic Plateau.  Parts of this sale contain legacy old growth trees that are over four feet in diameter and close to 200 feet tall.

We are in the midst of a global warming crisis.  Now is not the time to be replacing fire resistant older forests with young, fire-prone tree plantations that are susceptible to future climate disturbances, and may increase the fire risk to nearby residential areas.

These forests play a critical role in preserving genetic diversity and biological legacies of the old growth forests that once dominated the North Olympic coast and should be conserved for future generations.


Thank you for listening.




This email will be sent to the following people:

Mona Griswold

Olympic Region Manager


Drew Rosanbalm

State Lands Assistant Region Manager


Duane Emmons
Acting Deputy Supervisor for State Uplands




Join the Center for Responsible Forestry and the Earth Law Center on Sunday, Oct. 23, 11-2pm, to visit a unique legacy forest in the Elwha River Watershed, just off of Hwy 101. (Sneak peak photos here). 


The WA Board of Natural Resources (BNR) recently approved logging of this beautiful naturally-regenerated forest (not monocrop plantation) in the Elwha River Watershed, where the federal government has spent over $327 million on restoration post dam-removal.  


This legacy forest, known as the “Aldwell” timber sale (166 acres), will be lost forever unless the community takes steps to protect it. 


In joining us, you will get to connect with this special forest, see old-growth trees, learn more about why protecting mature legacy forests on state-managed lands is critical, and learn how you can help.  


Outing details:


When: Sunday 10/23/22 11:00am-2:00pm


Where:  Meet at the Madison Falls Trailhead parking lot (head west on Hwy 101 from Port Angeles. Turn left onto Olympic Hot Springs Road, and follow this road to the park gate). We’ll gather near the banks of the Elwha River to get oriented before the short drive (5 min.) to the Aldwell site).     


Parking is limited at the forest, so we recommend that you drive with friends if possible. Depending on the number of hikers, we may recommend carpooling from Madison Falls Trailhead parking lot to the Aldwell site. 


What to expect: There are no maintained trails in the forest, but there is an old dirt road that makes it a fairly easy hike, with options for exploring off trial. We won’t be walking for more than 1 mile.* 


What to bring: your own snacks, water, comfortable hiking shoes, a walking stick, a pen/pencil and something to write on, and a camera (optional). 


Registration is preferred. Please register HERE.  


We are looking forward to enjoying this beautiful forest with you!


Email: if you have any questions.


*All participants agree to join at their own risk. 



This timber sale is scheduled for auction on October 26th.

WRITE to DNR now and demand that they cancel this timber sale! 

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Aldwell Letter.jpg

Read Letter from the Mayor of the City of Port Angeles

View beautiful photos by Anna Maria Wolfe 

CRF Contributing Photographer

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Google Earth

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Timber Sale


Note:  Location shown on map is approximate.

See sale map for exact location.

Community Hike
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