to CANCEL Bessie 

Timber Sale

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Dear Board of Natural Resources,


The undersigned urge you to cancel the Bessie timber sale. This century-old forest represents an irreplaceable part of our natural heritage. Many of the dominant trees stand nearly four feet in diameter and 200 feet tall. As biological legacies of the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, these special places deserve careful protection rather than hasty destruction.


These forests are not renewable resources. They play a critical role in mitigating the impacts of climate change and preserving genetic diversity. The older trees within this timber sale help shade and protect numerous streams that feed into Lake Whatcom, which provides drinking water to the City of Bellingham.

The Bessie sale is part of the largest patch of naturally regenerated, second-growth forest in the Lake Whatcom watershed. Clearcutting this forest would destroy all the intricate natural features of this landscape. Forests like Bessie are increasingly rare. As you know, most of the older, lowland forests that still remain in Washington exist on state trust lands within the purview of the DNR. The DNR has failed in their responsibility to protect our older forests as promised by Hilary Franz. The responsibility to save this and other elegant, complex forests now falls to you. Please stop this sale while you still can.


Thank you for listening.

This petition will be sent to the following people:

Jay Guthrie

DNR Northwest Region Manager


Angus Brodie

Deputy Supervisor for State Uplands


Chris Hankey

DNR Baker District Manager

Hilary Franz

Commissioner of Public Lands


Bill Peach

County Commissioner


Dan Brown

Board Member and Professor

University of Washington


Chris Reykdal

Board Member and Superintendant

of Public Instruction


Richard T. Koenig

Board Member and Interim Dean

WSU College of Agriculture


Jim Cahill

Board Member and Senior Budget

Assistant to Jay Inslee