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Dear Department of Natural Resources and Commissioner Hilary Franz,


The undersigned urge you to include the following timber sales in "phase 2" of the Carbon Project: Upper Rutsatz, Box of Rain, Brokedown Palace, Orion, and Over the Hills. These timber sales are a combined acreage of just 461 acres, and have significant ecological value to the Nooksack River watershed because they all contain naturally regenerated forests 1945 or older. Forests like these which are 80-150 years old sequester and store more carbon than any other age. 


The majority of Upper Rutsatz forest originated in 1890 and contains remnant old growth stands. It is beloved by the surrounding community for mountain biking, hiking, and foraging. Over 1000 people signed a petition and over 1500 emails were sent during the FPA and SEPA process urging DNR to protect it.


Upper Rutsatz, Box of Rain, and Brokedown Palace all border the Middle Fork Nooksack River. Orion and Over the Hills lie in the South Fork Nooksack River watershed. The Nooksack watershed is in great peril: diminishing summer stream flows and winter flood events put endangered pacific salmon populations at further risk of extinction*. Research shows that older naturally regenerated forests play an important role in watershed health and improving summer stream flow. 


These older forests are not renewable resources. They play a critical role in climate change and preserving genetic diversity. 


Thank you for creating the Carbon Project and for hopefully adding these important forests to 'phase 2."

Thank you for listening.



* Ysabelle Kempe, “Logging forests takes this toll on already strained Nooksack River, research suggests,” Bellingham Herald, 3/24/22 https://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article259307584.html

- Whatcom County - carbon project petition


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Jay Guthrie

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Angus Brodie

Deputy Supervisor for State Uplands


Chris Hankey

DNR Baker District Manager


Hilary Franz

Commissioner of Public Lands



Bill Peach

County Commissioner



Dan Brown

Board Member and Professor

University of Washington



Chris Reykdal

Board Member and Superintendant

of Public Instruction



Richard T. Koenig

Board Member and Interim Dean

WSU College of Agriculture



Jim Cahill

Board Member and Senior Budget

Assistant to Jay Inslee



FC Csenka

DNR Carbon Project Lead


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