Some of the fir trees in this timber sale are close to five feet in diameter.  Larger trees store and sequester far more carbon than young plantation seedlings.

Write to DNR:

Pacific Cascade Region

601 Bond Road, Castle Rock, WA 98611

or send an email to:

Eric Wisch

Region Manager


Timber Sale


Write your own letter, or copy and paste the text below into an email

and send it to the address above:

---   EXAMPLE LETTER   ---

Dear Mr. Wisch,

I am writing to urge you to cancel the Dashingly Quirky timber sale.  Natural un-planted legacy forests such as this are increasingly rare in the Upper Chehalis.  These forests are not renewable resources.  They were last harvested before mechanized logging and chemical spraying were common practice, and may play a critical role in preserving genetic diversity and biological legacies of the original old growth forests in the region.

DNR procedures for identifying and managing structurally complex forests (PR 14-004-046) dictate that "harvest activities in older forest or other structurally complex stands designated as suitable to meet older forest targets must enhance the older forest condition".  This and other recent timber sales within the Pacific coast region do not contribute to the development of fully functioning forests, or to the viability of the threatened marbeled murrelet or other wildlife species protected under the Multi-species Conservation Strategy.  Instead, they take us in the opposite direction by logging the few remaining patches of structurally complex forest, delaying the development of fully functional stand characteristics, and creating conditions in which much of the forested landscape is in a constant state of “competitive exclusion,” populated of densely packed stands of young Douglas fir trees.

I urge the Region to focus on developing a management strategy to generate revenue for trust beneficiaries that also preserves older forests in the watersheds of the South Coast planning unit, accelerates the development of fully functional forest stands, and is consistent with the requirements of the Habitat Conservation Plan and the Policy for Sustainable Forests.


[Your Name]



This timber sale has been SOLD.

WRITE to DNR and ask them to cancel their contract.

Note:  Location shown on map is approximate.

See sale map for exact location.