Ready to Get Out and Explore
Our State Legacy Forests?

Want to get out into the woods?  We are looking for volunteers to help gather data on DNR timber sales.  Work involves traveling to high priority sites on DNR state forestland we are working to protect, describing forest stand characteristics on the ground, and creating compelling photographs and videos to post on Instagram and Facebook. 


Data that you collect could be used in our newsletters or on our website; as part of social media campaigns; to draft public comments which are submitted to DNR as part of the forest practices review and SEPA public review process; or in conjunction with legislative proposals.

This type of work requires that you have your own four-wheel drive vehicle or team up with another volunteer who does.  Traveling to remote locations on DNR state forestlands can be dangerous.  It is important to understand the risks involved and take proper precautions.

For more information, write our volunteer coordinator, Brel Froebe at