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Large trees play a critical ecological role, offering niche habitats for wildlife, and storing large amounts of carbon.  Micro-habitat diversity has been demonstrated to increase with increasing tree diameter.  Bark structures such as bark pockets, bark pockets with decay, and bowls in the bark can support a diverse array of fungi, lichens, and invertebrates.

Write to the Snohomish County Council

Let the Snohomish County councilmembers know that you are opposed to the logging of this irreplaceable legacy forest.

Copy and paste the letter below into an email or write your own, and send to:



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Dear Council members,

Located less than ten minutes north of Duvall, in the hills overlooking the Snoqualmie River, you will find one of the last few remaining stands of natural, un-planted, century-old trees left in the Lower Snoqualmie watershed, with trees measuring over four feet in diameter and up to 200 feet tall.  The 76-acre forest is located along Peoples Creek, near Lake Fontal Road, on land managed by DNR.

This "legacy" forest is a rare example of an older, unmanaged, lowland forest.  The forest was selectively logged or "high-graded" in the early 1900's, and was never re-planted or sprayed with herbicides, but allowed to grow back on its own.  It stands as a symbol of our shared natural heritage, and a potential reservoir of genetic and biological diversity, in a landscape otherwise dominated by agricultural lands, residential developments, and industrial forestlands.

Now DNR plans to clearcut this forest - on behalf of Snohomish County.  DNR claims that it is required to sell timber on county transfer lands under the state trust mandate to generate revenue for county schools and other services.  But this land belongs to Snohomish County, and the county has the right to reclaim this land at any time for use as a park or natural area. 

The recreational potential of this forest, and opportunities it presents to teach students in local schools about old growth and native ecosystems of the lower Snoqualmie River watershed, far outweigh the short-term marginal value of its timber.

I strongly urge you to reject the revenue from this timber sale, and send a message to DNR that Snohomish County does not support the logging of the last remaining legacy forests in the lower Snoqualmie River basin. 

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This timber sale was sold to Sierra Pacific Industriesin September, 2021

Revenue generated from this timber sale goes to Snohomish County.  Tell Snohomish County to REJECT the payments from DNR.

Timber Sale


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Note:  Location shown on map is approximate.

See sale map for exact location.