This timber sale contains some of the largest remaining spruce trees in Southwestern Washington.  Trees left behind during logging opertaions of the early 20th century now stand as some of the last remaining relicts of the original old growth forests of the Pacific Coast. 


Write to DNR:

Pacific Cascade Region

601 Bond Road

Castle Rock, WA 98611

or send an email to:

Eric Wisch

Region Manager


Write your own letter, or copy and paste the text below into an email

and send it to the address above:

---   EXAMPLE LETTER   ---

Dear Mr. Wisch,

I am writing to urge you to cancel the Frances 40 timber contract.  Spruce and hemlock forests such as this are extremely rare in the Willapa Bay basin.  The five-to-six-foot diameter legacy Sitka spruce trees scattered across Unit 1 are some of the largest and oldest spruce trees in Southwestern Washington.  These forests are not renewable resources, but serve as Pacific Northwest historical landmarks.  Abundant large snags scattered throughout the stand provide critical habitat for small mammals and birds.  Spatially diverse arrangements of tree sizes and species, and large volumes of dead and decaying wood, including large stumps and downed logs, may play a critical role in preserving genetic diversity and the biological legacies of the original old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest Coast.


This and other recent timber sales within the Pacific coast region do not contribute to the development of fully functioning forests, or to the viability of the threatened marbeled murrelet or other wildlife species protected under the Multi-species Conservation Strategy.  Instead, they take us in the opposite direction by logging the few remaining patches of older forest, delaying the development of fully functional stand characteristics, and creating conditions in which much of the forested landscape is in a constant state of “competitive exclusion,” populated of densely packed, homogeneous stands of young Douglas fir trees.


The should not be exploited for short-term profit, but managed to protect wildlife habitat, and preserve our shared natural heritage.


[Your Name]



This timber sale has been SOLD.

WRITE to DNR now and ask them to cancel their contract.

Timber Sale


Note:  Location shown on map is approximate.

See sale map for exact location.