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The Future of Forests

In collaboration with RE Sources, the Center for Responsible Forestry presents a short film featuring preeminent forest ecologist Jerry Franklin, who is widely recognized as the father of ecological forestry.


The Future of Forests with Dr. Jerry Franklin explains what ecological forestry is, and how it can help restore forests to be more resilient to climate change impacts. It is important to understand that when Franklin talks about "ecological forestry" he is not talking about legacy forests.  Instead, this film describes a better way of managing forests to retain elements of biological and structural diversity, so that managed forests may grow to resemble legacy forests.

As Franklin emphasizes in the film, natural legacy forests should never be logged.  This explains the difference between conservation and "ecological forestry".

If you enjoyed this film, please donate to CRF so we can continue our work to protect the last remaining, century-old legacy forests in Western Washington. 

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