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Old cedar snag is probably more than 400 years old and is a relict of the original old growth forest.

Tell DNR to Stop Logging 
100-Year Old Forests On Tiger Mountain
Stop Logging 

Write to DNR:

South Puget Sound Region

950 Farman Ave. North, Enumclaw, WA 98022

or send an email to:

Scott Sargent

Region Manager


Timber Sale


Write your own letter, or copy and paste the text below into an email

and send it to the address above:

---   EXAMPLE LETTER   ---

Dear Mr. Sargent,

I am writing to urge you to cancel the Pertnear timber sale.  This timber sale would involve logging one of the three largest and oldest remaining blocks of mature, naturally regenerated 100+ year old forest in Tiger Mountain State Forest.  These forests are not renewable resources.  Forest stands like this serve as Pacific Northwest historical landmarks and are an important part of our shared natural heritage.  Huge, three-to-seven foot diameter snags scattered throughout the stand provide critical habitat for small mammals and birds.  Spatially diverse arrangements of tree sizes and species and large volumes of dead and decaying wood, including large stumps and downed logs, and may play a critical role in preserving genetic diversity and the biological legacies of the original old growth forests of the greater Puget Sound region.    These historically unique features on the landscape are unlikely to be replicated in the proposed tree plantation.


This and other recent timber sales within Tiger Mountain State Forest do not contribute to the development of fully functioning forests, or to the viability of wildlife species protected under the Multi-species Conservation Strategy.  Instead, they take us in the opposite direction by logging the few remaining patches of older forest, delaying the development of fully functional stand characteristics, and creating conditions in which much of the forested landscape is in a constant state of “competitive exclusion,” populated of densely packed stands of relatively young, homogenous Douglas fir trees.


The Tiger Mountain State Forest one of the most popular recreational forests in Washington State, and should not be exploited for short-term profit, but managed to conserve wildlife habitat and for the enjoyment of future generations.


[Your Name]



AUCTION was held on October 27th

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Map of Tiger Mountain

State Forest

CALL SIERRA PACIFIC and tell them to CANCEL their contract with DNR:

Sierra Pacific industries

19794 Riverside Ave

Anderson, CA 96007

(530) 378-8000



Note:  Location shown on map is approximate.

See sale map for exact location.