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Legacy Forest Maps

The below interactive map provides you with information about planned timber sales on DNR land. You can view where all upcoming timber sales are located, which sales CRF is monitoring, and additional contextual information such as the age of the forest, the trust beneficiaries for each sale (more on this topic can be found here on DNR's website), road access, and if there are locked gates on roads. 


One helpful feature of this map is a “layer” showing where legacy forests have been modeled. This model was created by CRF’s founder Stephen Kropp, and uses data obtained from DNR such as their estimated stand age (when was it last logged), and liDAR imagery that measures tree height. It is important to note that DNR’s stand age data isn’t always accurate, especially with older forests, due to lack of historic data. Because of this, the legacy forest model is not perfect and just a starting point in identifying whether a timber sale contains legacy forest. It is essential that we also get boots on the ground to collect data on structural complexity and biodiversity. This legacy forest layer was last updated in March 2024. 


This is a powerful tool, and there is somewhat of a learning curve to use all of its functions. We highly recommend that you read this detailed user guide in order to understand the tools this map has to offer. 

Note: These maps are developed using a wide array of data sources, including from WA Dept of Natural Resources. This information is subject to change. 

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