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WA forests from above

Our State Forests 
Depend on You

Legacy Forests are Being Actively

Clearcut on WA State Public Lands

Latest News!

After our successful campaign this legislative session,

2,000 Acres of forests in WA are being permanently conserved!

Through the Natural Climate Solutions provisions of the WA Climate Commitment Act, the Washington legislature affirms the carbon storage benefits of these lowland forests. 

This is the FIRST time that the Legislature have acknowledged

Legacy Forests as natural climate solutions! 

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Who We Are

The Center for Responsible Forestry works on behalf of all people in WA to achieve the permanent protection of the last remaining legacy forests in Western Washington.


We work with impacted local communities and state policymakers to inform and advocate.  We also work in partnership with other conservation organizations to accelerate the adoption of a state mature forest policy with practices grounded in forest ecology and sustainability.

Brokedown forest

The State of WA Manages

1.7 Million Acres of Forest Land in

Western WA

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Of This Acreage, There Are

Only 70,000

Acres of  Unprotected Legacy Forests, Many Have Been Clear Cut Already

brokedown timber sale

We Need To Protect These Last Legacy Forests, Which Represent Only 3%

Of State Managed Land

Legacy forests are home to a diverse array of wildlife, including threatened and endangered species

The Center for Responsible Forestry is committed to protecting these invaluable ecosystems and ensuring that they remain intact and thriving in perpetuity 

pileated woodpecker
Image by Jason Schuller- river from above

Legacy forests provide clean air, clean water, soil retention, and  numerous public health benefits throughout the region

The Center for Responsible Forestry works with communities to highlight the local benefits of legacy forests and document these benefits to the state DNR

At CRF, we work with community groups and environmental organizations to safeguard legacy forests by advocating for conservation policies at the local and state level. We also offer educational programs and community outreach to raise awareness about the importance of these forests and the urgent need to protect them

people on forest walk
Brokedown forest - legacy forest

Legacy Forests are critical to the health and wellbeing of the broader ecosystem. From climate change mitigation to public health outcomes, CRF's mission to preserve Washington's legacy forests has never been more important.

With your support, we can ensure that these vital forests remain intact for generations to come. Join us in our mission to protect the legacy forests of Western Washington and preserve them for future generations.

What We Do

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Documenting Timber Sales

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Education and Information

Policy Advocacy

forest imagery
Defending Our State Forests Through Advocacy
We work to secure the permanent conservation of the remaining legacy forests by advocating for change in state and local policy


PO Box 7504 

Tacoma, WA 98417

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