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The Center for
Responsible Forestry:

Preserving Legacy Forests in WA for All

Our Mission

The mission of CRF is to achieve the permanent protection of the last remaining legacy forests in Western Washington by working with impacted local communities and state policymakers. CRF also works in partnership with other conservation organizations to accelerate the adoption of state  forest policy and practices grounded in forest ecology.

Since its founding in 2020, the Center for Responsible Forestry has been working to stop the senseless clearcutting of the last remaining structurally complex, carbon dense legacy forests, and to prevent them from being converted to single-species tree plantations.

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These rare and unique forests are irreplaceable lifeboats of biodiversity that make our communities more resilient to the climate crisis.

Mature legacy forests in Western Washington are rapidly disappearing, as the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) auctions them off on a monthly basis to the highest bidder.

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Our Plan for Action

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Lead with Community

CRF provides strong technical assistance and organizing support to county governments, local conservation groups, Western WA tribes, and interested community stakeholders on the current mechanisms available to conserve legacy forests in their counties.

Advocate for Strong Policy

CRF advocates for the creation of a new mature forest conservation policy on forest lands managed by DNR.

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Be Fact Forward

CRF works to educate WA residents about the importance of conserving legacy forests, as well as debunk timber industry greenwashing and rhetoric.

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